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Help us shape female football in Staffordshire

As you may or may not be aware – The FA have released a new GamePlan For Growth Strategy for female football (2017-20). The aim is to double participation by 2020, to do this each County FA is being challenged to construct a Women & Girls Strategy for the next 3 years. Over the next couple of months I will be undertaking research to create a strategy that focuses on the wants and needs of everybody involved in female football within Staffordshire, not only this but in addition how we can support anybody who wants to develop or support the female game .

This is where I am asking for your help. Below are 4 different questionnaires, which I am hoping will provide insight to what is not working, what is working and how we move forward to better the opportunities for females in football over the next three years. This is really important as it will shape our target areas and key focuses for the upcoming seasons in a bid to double participation within the county.

Youth Female Players


Adult Female Players


Coaches/Club Officials




It is extremely important that we gain as much insight as possible and hear all views and ideas moving forward. I appreciate this can be time consuming however your feedback is key to us offering the right formats of football for you all.

I appreciate all of your feedback positive and negative and look forward to working with you to shape female football moving forward.

Bethan Woolley
Staffordshire FA Football Development Officer (Inclusion)

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