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If you are in the unfortunate position of breaking a rule, there is a due process that we the League have to follow. We will in the first instance issue a charge notice. This notice gives you various options to follow. Once the club has replied to the charge notice the sanction will be determined by the league. Please do not ignore this notice it will not go away and could be escalated further including and not limited additional fines or team suspensions. It is our commitment to teams to concentrate on football and the development and growth of girls & ladies football rather than issue fines, (we are not heartless and are approachable but we are governed and observed by the FA to ensure we are following the requirements we as a league have). we will do our best to work with clubs to achieve this. Please note a charge notice is not a fine but commences disciplinary proceedings. The league can give instructions which must be followed under rule 6I. For example, we advised all clubs they must show registration headshots before the game commences. This is an example of an instruction that must be followed and failure to do so will result in a fine or other sanction.
A Charge Notice is not a fine, it is notification of a rule breach and you must respond.