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Match day app:

Another method of reporting your results and match statistics is via the FA’s Match Day app. You can down load this via your usual app store. Please be aware this is an app and can be prone to not working accordingly which may result in match stats not being submitted. Always double check they have successfully been submitted and double check to put your mind at rest. We would also advise to screenshot your completed stats to provide evidence if necessary that stats were completed if you were to receive a charge

FA, Match Day app user guides:

https://grassrootstechnology.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/48001073161- submitting-a-match-report-match-returns-in-matchday-app

Information that is not recorded correctly or omitted via this app is not the Leagues fault and not a valid reason for not completing correctly and will not be considered in regards to a response to a charge unless evidence is provided.